Amy Cupples, ASLA, AICP

Founder + Principal

Amy appreciates and takes seriously her obligation and opportunity as an architect to respect or restore the natural environment of a client's space; creating hardscapes and softscapes that blend gracefully with the native surroundings while conserving resources.


Understanding the environment and the people for whom she is designing, taking into account the important environmental issues associated with the region, and responding to this with personalized projects is what sets Amy apart. She creates spaces that enhance her client's lifestyle, the community, and the environment. Amy works tirelessly until her client feels good about the design, but just can't put their finger on what makes it special - it simply hits them at their psyche - that's when they know it's right and that's when she knows her project is complete. Her planning and designs are more than landscape; they are fine art.

Amy received her Masters of Landscape Architecture from Harvard Graduate School of Design. She graduated with honors and continues to receive awards and recognition from the industry's most prestigious professional associations.